David Lester – Help is on its way!

Do not fear! Help is on its way with David Lester in the lead. He is the Pastoral Assitant responsible for community outreach.
photo-of-david-in-the-drHe is a part of a local mission inspired by the Catholic faith here in Vancouver, WA. His role is to inspire the congregation to act upon the needs of the community as the Catholic faith has been called to do.  And, rather than guessing on these needs of the community, David has actually put together panels of people and resources where he allows them to speak directly to the church.

The idea is to: 1.) Gain understanding of the communities needs here locally 2.) Inform the church and community on what he has found 3.) Form a plan on how they can get involved.

Community Outreach
The last two panel’s David ran, I was invited to speak at about my mother and growing up in poverty. This is where I really got to get a good look at what David was doing for the community and how his church was ready and willing to follow him into outreach. Some of the main things brought up at each panel was 1.) How to get involved, 2.) What resources are out there and 3.) What it’s like to be poor. Believe it or not, it’s hard for some to have empathy for those who are less fortunate. Not because they’re heartless but, rather they are uneducated. This is another big opportunity for David and his church while doing outreach. This is also why I created a Get Involved and Resources page(s) on this website.


What’s Next
Being new in this role, David is not sure what the future looks as he is serving the people in our community but, he is ready to get involved as he is called to do so.

His next big event is coming this January 27, called Project Homeless Connect.

Get Involved
Now is a good time to get involved in your community. You can volunteer your services at Project Homeless Connect by contacting David.

Regardless of your faith or non-faith, what David and his church are doing for Clark County is noteworthy and honorable. And, If you get a chance I urge you to get involved by joining David Lester with the cause of the Catholic church or any of the other resources listed on Lost in VanWA.

Read what David found researching community needs here.

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