1.) Donate Items
2.) Donate Time
3.) Speak Positively

This is your community, treat it with care.


Donate Food & Clothing
You can donate food or clothing to local charities at no cost to you. Just look through your closet or cupboards and donate what you’re not using.

Drop off locations for Food

Drop off locations for Clothing

Start a Food Drive at Work
You could also start a food drive at work. This is a great way for everybody to bring just a few cans of food (or non-perishables) together to create one big donation. This is also great because only one trip is required for donation.

Donate your Talents
Donate your services to the community for free at local events like .

Host an Event
Communities are hosting all-night events where people sleep in their cars trying – Ask a local church or community to host an event like this.

Snap Challenge
Could you survive on just over $4 a day and food? I didn’t think so. This is called the Snap Challenge. People are trying to survive on an average food stamp allowance to get a feel for what it feels like to be poor. You too can take the challenge to see what it might feel like to try and E on $4 a day.

Word of Mouth
Being involved can be as simple as sharing these resources or the stories of people impacted by the resources. Talk about them to your friends and family so they can choose to get involved.

Be Understanding (Empathy)
Many times people are angry when they see the homeless or mentally ill people in their communities. They are unsure how to respond or what it means to be homeless or mentally ill. Trying to have empathy for these people can be hard but it’s the right thing to do.


Somebody looks up to you, whether you realize it or not.

Lunch Buddy
Have lunch with a kid once a week to make them feel important and like they matter.

Foster a Family
Families who are just getting back on their feet need guidance and support. You can be their support as they make this transition.

Speak Positively

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