Knock, Knock – I’m Cold.

Communities are getting together and sleeping in their cars overnight to gain perspective on our growing homeless community. 7mqszse6fau-matt-popovich

These communities are going as far as getting the police involved so, they can knock on your windows in the middle of the night making it feel as real as possible. Often those who are sleeping in their cars are harass in the middle the night by the police banging on their windows asking for IDs and requiring those sleeping in their cars to move.

Get Involved
When you take the time to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes you gain perspective not only for your life but, to understand those were less fortunate. Being homeless isn’t always a choice. Being involved in David Lester’s panels for the homeless, I was able to hear firsthand stories about to just that. I think the worst thing about being homeless is that once you’re there getting out is almost impossible.

Ask your community or church to set up an Overnight-Car-Event to raise awareness in understanding about the homeless communities in your town.

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