Living Without Her Children


As a mother, Aquilon thinks about her children often. “They are grown and living their own lives now,” she will tell you but, it doesn’t stop a mother from thinking about them. She speaks highly of both daughters and their accomplishments. It must make her feel like she has done something right in this world. Which we all know at sometimes may seem untrue to ourselves. But, she is proud and waits for any moment she can brag about them to anybody.

However, that wasn’t always the case. Aquilon made some choices she regrets as a younger mother. At one point, she actually lost custody of her children and tried her best to get them back. Being unsuccessful in that endeavor, she tried to move on without them in her everyday life.

This was one of the hardest points in her life. Living without her children.

Now, she spends the day as for forgiveness even years later. It just about destroyed her as a person she would say. “She was responsible for them!” Aquilon would say. But, she can’t change what happened back then. Today, her children don’t hold it against her. In fact, they feel everything happens for a reason.

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